Experience the ultimate recovery using advanced cold therapy. Step inside our freezing cryosauna and boost your body’s innate ability to protect, repair, and recover.

  • Reduce inflammation

  • Stimulate metabolism

  • Enhance your brain

A cryotherapy session lasts three minutes. Patients step inside a freezing cold cryosauna that goes well below minus 200 degrees Fahrenheit, activating several natural defense mechanisms on a cellular level while burning up to 800 calories per session.



NormaTec Compression Therapy is engineered to bring world-class recovery to professional athletes, and active individuals of all levels.

  • Decrease pain sensitivity

  • Increase range of motion

  • Decrease muscle fatigue

Compression therapy is clinically proven to increase circulation, reduce soreness, and boost athletic performance by helping athletes recover faster to perform at their best every day.


Kinesiology Taping

This elastic cotton strip is used to treat pain and disability from athletic injuries and a variety of other physical disorders.
  • Alignment of weak muscles
  • Increase blood flow

  • Decrease muscle pain

Kinesiology tape or elastic therapeutic tape has been used for several years to improve the circulation of blood and fluids, reduce pain, and reduce joint irritation.

E-Stim Recovery

Our Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) delivers a clean, complete muscle contraction that is backed by research.

  • Improve joint pain and swelling

  • Prevent and revere muscle atrophy

  • Increase range of motion

Electric stimulation works by transmitting electric currents to targeted muscle groups, reducing swelling and expediting the healing process of damaged tissue.


Myofascial Cupping

This 5,000 year old technique helps with knee osteoarthritis, chronic neck, low back, and shoulder pain, while increasing pressure-pain thresholds and enhancing athletic performance in athletes and professionals

  • Helps break up scar tissue build up from injuries

  • Reduces localized inflammation

  • Increases range of motion

Cupping is an ancient practice. During a session, suctioning cups are applied to the target areas, pulling the skin and superficial muscle layer of that area into the cup and holding it there. This method has been historically used for general pain relief and increased circulation.



This revolutionary handheld device jolts target areas of the body with gentle pulses of pressure, softening the muscle tissue to ease intense stiffness and build up.

  • Relaxes thickened connective tissue

  • Breaks down adhesion and internal scar tissue
  • Improves blood circulation and increases range of motion

Percussion therapy is not just for athletes, it’s for anyone and everyone who is physically active. If you suffer from stiffness and sore muscles after a workout, this modality helps you maximize the results you get from training.