Many people ask “How long does it take for cryotherapy results to show?” Like any recovery method there are immediate and long-term results. Whole Body Cryotherapy offers cool immediate relief for athletes after practice and long term benefits of helping to avoid inflammation-based overuse injuries. Most people understand the immediate benefits, but the long term benefits are unknown to many. But how long does it take for cryotherapy to work? Not as long as you might think.

Long Term Cryotherapy Results

Most cryotherapy businesses know that a single session of cryo will help with inflammation. But for a lasting and noticeable difference cryo should be used at a minimum of twice per week. Professional athletes have now adopted cryo for before-and-after their practice and games, and the results are noticeable. Teams report fewer injuries, and strength trainers are demanding more facilities to offer cryotherapy. Why? Because injured players are the greatest risk of professional sports, and more teams are investing in recovery methods than ever before.

Is Regular Cryotherapy Worth It?

Let’s face it: cryo in some areas can be expensive. Cities in New York and Los Angeles are charging between $40 and $80 a session. Most Americans simply cannot afford to spend that much twice a week. Fortunately most cryotherapy providers will work with you and help you develop a subscription that is affordable and meaningful for your workouts. Business owners know that each and every session requires a pre-cool of the machine. They prefer to conduct sessions back-to-back to save nitrogen, and you can benefit from this by offering to show up with a friend or workout partner. This allows the business to sell two sessions on one pre-cool, which is enough incentive to offer a discount.

What Results Will I Feel?

The most noticeable result of regular cryotherapy is a confidence in movement while exercising. Athletes and people who enjoy exercise report that they experience less delayed onset muscle soreness. Kinesiologists and physical therapists know that exercising while sore can increase the risk of injury. Cryo has been proven to reduce soreness in athletes allowing them to play at peak performance. European studies have “concluded that repeated expositions to extremely low temperatures used in cryostimulation have mobilization effect on immunological system.” ¹

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