How does Jennifer Aniston stay in shape at 51? She uses cryotherapy.

How does Jennifer Aniston stay in shape at 51? She uses cryotherapy.

At age 51 Jennifer Aniston is in perfect shape. For someone that has always been in the public eye how does she battle aging and a rigorous work life? As Women’s Health reported in February 2020 she works out 3 to 7 days per week. She prioritizes her workout, even if it means waking up at 3 a.m. Jennifer Aniston invests in her health, but she also invests in her active recovery with cryotherapy.

Exercise and Aging for Women over 40

Exercising as you age becomes harder, and exercise recovery often means feeling muscle soreness. Feeling sore after a workout is due to a symptom called delayed onset muscle soreness. In the past people used to think this was due to buildup of lactic acid. Sports science now knows that it is a much larger problem; furthermore, it can actually stop people from working out. Sore joints, painful muscles, and injuries can make exercise difficult, if not impossible. Jennifer Aniston keeps her shape by preventing soreness and injury with whole body cryotherapy.

Cryotherapy and Muscle Soreness

Cryotherapy works by causing an illusion of hypothermia. The body interprets the -230°F cold air as a threat and goes into survival mode. Clinical peer-reviewed studies have found that cryotherapy can reduce inflammation,¹ reduce muscle soreness,² and a decrease in inflammation properties in the bloodstream.³ Workouts can benefit from cryotherapy in the same way that these studies found benefits in athletes.

Keeping Up With Jennifer Aniston’s Shape in your 50’s

Working out becomes harder as women age. Health is the new wealth, and investing in workout recovery is in demand more than ever. Gym owners, boutique fitness centers, and spas are all learning that cryotherapy helps their clients and attracts new clients they have never reached before. Adding cryotherapy to a business communicates two things: that you care about your clients’ health, and you offer the best in the latest technology. Interested in learning more about buying a cryotherapy machine?  Click here to see how easy it is (no email or registration required).

Are you curious about the science behind cryotherapy?  Check out our list of peer-reviewed cryotherapy clinical studies.

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