Cryotherapy may help with a better quality of sleep.

Cryotherapy may help with a better quality of sleep.

Most people like to sleep in a cool room. But does a cryotherapy session before bed help with sleep? Many people believe that it does, and the European Journal of Sport Science published a study that wholeheartedly agrees. Scientists in France studied the sleep and discomfort levels of active men who exercised in the evening doing a series of sprints between moderate jogging. Some of the men received whole body cryotherapy, some did not. Their sleep patterns were monitored and the results were conclusive. According to the experts: the use of 3-min [whole body cryotherapy] after training in the evening improves subjective and objective sleep quality in physically active subjects, which may be due to greater pain relief and improved parasympathetic nervous activity during the SWS period.¹

Your quality of sleep depends on many things; however, sleep is often disrupted by pain and restlessness. Whole body cryotherapy has been found to relieve pain,² relieve inflammation,³ and relieve discomfort from aching muscles.⁴ For the athletes in the above quoted study those that reported better sleep, and who registered as receiving deeper, uninterrupted sleep, were those who did cryotherapy. While your situation may differ trying whole body cryotherapy for improved sleep may be helpful.

Does it Matter When I Do Cryotherapy?

No. The effects of cryotherapy are received by the body throughout the day, and the results are effective for the following 24 hours or longer. Most people who do cryotherapy do so in the daytime. But some cryotherapy businesses are open later in the evening and this may help you even more, especially if you exercise in the evening.

Will Inflammation Harm my Sleep?

According to Harvard University inflammation is “the body’s natural response to protect itself against harm.”⁵ This is often experienced as swelling that can cause discomfort or pain. This can directly impact sleep, making it harder to get to sleep and stay asleep. Cryotherapy has been found in studies to reduce inflammation throughout the entire body. The French study referenced earlier found that athletes who did whole body cryotherapy not only slept better, but reported a feeling of wellness greater than those who did not have cryotherapy.

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