Hot Girl Summer

Does cryotherapy help women get a bikini body like Jessica Alba? With the COVID pandemic many women are trying their best to exercise without a gym, and it is not easy. How can women exercise and burn off those extra calories for summer? Whole body cryotherapy can make exercise more effective in two distinct ways, and there are skin benefits to help you look your best.


The Supermodel Secret

Why do so many professional models use cryotherapy? It isn’t a gimmick. Many of them have learned that cryotherapy keeps them from having painful inflammation after intense workouts. Jessica Alba uses cryotherapy for a summer-ready bikini body because she knows it also leads to an improved metabolism. In May of 2018 the Journal of Obesity published a peer-reviewed clinical study finding that cryotherapy’s “…cold induced thermogenesis (“cryothermogenesis”) rather than adipocyte disruption underlies the reduction in AT volume….” ¹ What does this mean for a summertime bikini body? It means that stubborn adipose tissue (e.g., belly fat) can be reduced by cryotherapy if you do it often enough. Brazilian supermodels have been vocal about the benefits they notice from using cryotherapy regularly. Many small business owners are now adding cryotherapy to their day spas as a luxury treatment for women who simply want to feel better and feel pampered.

Jessica Alba’s Body Today

As a mother of three children is isn’t easy to maintain a hard body, especially as Jessica is approaching 40 years old. She regularly practices hot yoga with light weights and loves workout classes. But like anyone she can experience sore muscles—or delayed onset muscle soreness—and she turns to cryotherapy to help lessen that pain. Cryotherapy also provides significant skin benefits. Like an ice-roller the cold temperatures stimulate collagen production throughout the entire skin surface. Many use cryotherapy for smoothing out blotchy skin tone and even helping treat eczema or severe acne.

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