Does cryotherapy work for chronic back pain? According to the Mayo Clinic “Back pain is one of the most common reasons people go to the doctor or miss work, and it is a leading cause of disability worldwide.”¹ Everyone from athletes to stay-at-home Mom’s are at risk of injuring their back. Moreover, most will need a doctor, or worse, invasive surgery. But can regular cryotherapy help? The answer is a resounding yes.

Most back pain can be reduced by regular cryotherapy

Most back pain can be reduced by regular cryotherapy

Regular Cryotherapy for Back Pain

Cryotherapy serves two purposes in maintaining your back. Regular appointments help you prevent injuries by identifying inflammation and using cryotherapy to prevent injury before it leaves you bedridden. Regular cryotherapy also keeps you in an anti-inflammation state that can help keep your workouts balanced. Serious back pain can occur from poor body mechanics. Accordingly any of these regular activities can cause pain if done incorrectly:

  • Lifting improperly

  • Carrying grocery bags in only one hand

  • Getting out of a deep carseat too quickly

  • Sneezing too hard while twisting your torso

Having a regular and standing appointment for cryotherapy can provide an extra layer of protection against inflammation. However, it must be consistent to prevent inflammation that can lead to injury.

Cryotherapy And Athletes

Athletes of all types, from Olympians to middle-schoolers, can benefit from regular cryotherapy. Any activities that require vigorous movements or sudden accelerations can sideline an athlete and any future hope of a championship. As a result students who are preparing for scholarship opportunities can protect their hard work with cryotherapy on a regular basis. Professional athletes can improve their overall performance–and prevent painful inflammation–from routine and consistent cryotherapy visits. More and more professional teams are beginning to see cryotherapy as an investment in player longevity. As testament to this fact in 2002 only 31 percent of NFL teams used cryotherapy in a documented study. Today, every NFL team has cryotherapy chambers in their training facilities. This is partially due to the revelations found in the 2002 study.

Famous Athletes Who Relied on Cryotherapy

Michael Jordan: played 15 seasons, won 6 championships

Tom Brady: 6 time Superbowl champion, 9 time Superbowl appearances

Michael Phelps: Has won more Olympic Gold Medals than anyone in Olympic history

Evander Holyfield: 30 year career in Heavyweight boxing.

Each of these athletes relied on cryotherapy to help them maintain their prominence. Furthermore their current levels of health can be traced back to their recovery methods.