How to Treat Joint Pain in 2019

  • Health & Recovery  •   October 17, 2019

Have you ever noticed that either you are traveling somewhere, going to eat somewhere out, moving to your office/School/College or trying to do any work, which is the most used part of our body with the help of which we can move?

I know your answer will most likely be legs but what about your joints? Although joints are used for various other essential works also, these were some of the important works from them. Do you know if we had no joint then how difficult it would have been to live our lives?

Healthy Joints

Here are some of the most important uses of our joints:

  • You would be able to run, walk, and do many more such thing with the help of healthy joints.
  • You would be able to pick up anything from almost everywhere.
  • You will not have to wait for someone to help you.
  • If you are going to pick up a glass of water from the shelf, then in that case also you need to have healthy joints.
  • If I conclude everything, then I can say that we need to have healthy joints for almost every work we do in our day to day life.

What Is Joint Pain and What Causes It?

Joint pain is that condition of our body when we try to move our joints to do some work at that time joints start paining, and this pain can occur for various reasons. Let us first have a look at why one faces joint pain:

  • Obesity is the first and one of the most important reasons because of which people are facing joint pains. Joints also have some limit within which they can handle our weight when our body starts over weighing at that time, and the joints start paining.
  • One can also face joint pain after an injury if, during an injury, their ligaments, bursae, or tendons are affected. This is the most common reason for suffering joint pain.
  • Joint pain is mostly seen in older age people, and that is because when you reach up to a certain age, you start decreasing the daily physical activity because of which when you try to do physical work, joint pain occurs.

How Can Joint Pain Affect Our Lives?

You might have noticed that if you are facing joint pain, then there are some effects of this problem on your daily life, here are some of those effects-

  • The first effect you will see is that you would not be able to do many physical activities, which would comprise of moving from one place to another and many more.
  • The next effect you will notice would be that your life will become slower as with joint pains you are unable to work faster or run. This is one of the worst effects you will ever notice after joint pains.

But do you know you can easily make your life back to normal with a therapy, which is actually helpful and highly effective? That modality is called Cryotherapy

Joint Pain and Cryotherapy

You must have heard about Cryotherapy, and this is a type of treatment in which you can cure the joint pains with the help of the freezing effect. This is a type of process in which the person who wants to get rid of joint pains is made to sit inside a vessel like structure which afterward produces a high freezing effect, although this process takes place for 2-4 minutes only those who does not like winters they are going to be unable to face that situation.

During the cooling process, all the parts of the body, which needs to be cured is targeted, and hence with the help of cooling effect, the joint pain gets cured easily.

Further Discussions on Cryotherapy and Joint Pain

Cryotherapy is also very popular in helping people for the reduction of inflammation. Those who do not know what inflammation is, so it is a type of condition in which you will face damaged cells producing irritation in your body. Joint pains also take place because of inflammation. 

Under inflammation, Cryotherapy is beneficial as the cooling effect is done on the particular part of the body-facing inflammation before there were many types of research that took place on rats and other animals, after which it is said that Cryotherapy is a safer and effective treatment for inflammation.

Kinesiology Tape and Joint Pain

Have you ever heard about Kinesiology tape? This is a type of tape-like structure, which is applied to the body part which is facing pain and muscle spasm.

It is said that in those cases where joint pains occur after any injury, in those cases Kinesiology tape can be beneficial. Although it helps in reducing pain, so you can apply or use it for joint pains if you are not facing joint pains only because of any injury or muscle spasm.

Other Helpful Tips for Treating Joint Pain

Let us have a look at some other helpful tips with the help of which you can cure or accelerate treatment of joint pain:

  • The first tips for boosting up the recovery process of joint pains is to do physical activities as much as possible. You should do lightweight exercise daily or should go for long walks.
  • You should do some stretching exercises, which are going to target joints. Some stretching exercises you can try are as follows-
  • You should try to raise your legs as much as possible while sitting down on the floor.
  • You can also try to sit-stand exercises, and this will help in producing movements in your joints.
  • Try to give your body proper posture by changing your sitting-standing style. This may sound like a foolish thing, but it’s beneficial for getting rid of joint pain.
  • You should try to start dieting because most of the joint pain problems occur because of overweight.